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The world of jazz hasn't always readily embraced the migration from acoustic to electronic music. Understandably so, since jazz has such a unique history and rich musical depth. But as the phrase goes, "everything must change... nothing stays the same". To some degree, this site is reflecting change. A change that is empowering individuals with a love for music to be creative, and independently create music. Use of new technology doesn't dictate production of music that doesn't qualify as jazz. Charlie Christian met with some skepticism as he helped introduce the electric guitar to the jazz scene... an instrument widely accepted without challenge in most any jazz circumstance today. Use of new music technology is a means to an end, not necessarily the end itself. What do you know about MP3, .WAV, digital audio, or MIDI? Take a look around
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the JAZZ'd UP site, listen to some sounds, do a little research and maybe learn a bit about electronic music technology. You can do a bit of that, and more, from this site.

Much of today's contemporary music makes use of, or is based upon, evolving and emerging music technology... electronic instrumentation and digital music recording options. As this technology progresses, new levels of creativity and musical freedom become accessible, that before now, were out of reach for many. Technology brings a new found freedom to individual artists... to pursue and produce music, and to effortlessly experiment with practically endless palettes of sound, opening a new and exciting realm of possibilities for the world of music. Well, in any case, that's my take.