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MIDI & Digital Recording
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MIDI, an acronym for "Musical Instrument Digital Interface", is a system designed to allow communication between musical instruments. MIDI established a standard adopted by the electronic music industry for controlling devices, such as keyboards, drums, guitars, sound cards, and other electronic instruments that emit music. Computers that have a MIDI interface can record sounds created by a keyboard and then manipulate the data to produce new sounds. For example, a single set of notes that originally sound like a piano, can be repeatedly and easily changed to sound like a flute, a guitar, drums, or hundreds of other instruments. A single musician using a single MIDI capable keyboard (and related MIDI capable components), can reproduce the instrumentation of a full orchestra with all instruments represented! In addition to
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electronic instruments, a number of software programs are available for composing and editing music that conforms to the MIDI standard. They offer a variety of functions: for instance, when you play a tune on a keyboard connected to a computer, a music program can translate what you play into a written score.

To share musical sounds, they are typically recorded. MIDI is one method of generating musical sound. An advanced method of capturing musical (and other types of) sound is via digital recording. Conceptually, digital recording captures a representation of sound using numbers. This is opposed to analog recording which attempts to capture and record the sound waves themselves.